How water harms

Hard water has negative effects on all aspects of the home

Wash basin

Everyone tries to save money, and fitting a water softener from our diverse range does just that. Continual use of hard water gradually builds up layers of limescale in pipework, which can reduce water flow to your washing machine and dishwasher.


Full basin with hard water

Full basin with softened water

Empty basin with hard water

Empty basin with softened water

Kitchen sink and taps

Water will always rest in the once shiny surfaces of a stainless steel sink and sit in the grooves of taps. As the hard water dries, limescale forms in these difficult to clean places, forcing over-use of advanced cleaning products to bring them back to a reasonable shine.


Kitchen sink with hard water

Kitchen sink with softened water

Taps with hard water

Taps with softened water

Shower rose and shower screen

As you step into the shower, you may see an unsightly, white-streaked shower screen and a shower rose that is blocked and has an inconsistent spray. These effects are brought on by hard water residues and limescale deposits.


Shower rose with hard water

Shower rose with softened water

Shower screen with hard water

Shower screen with softened water

Shower screen with hard water

Shower screen with softened water

Heat exchanger and hot water cylinder

It is clear to see the lasting damage that hard water can have on a heat exchanger or hot water cylinder. The limescale gradually builds up, making them work harder, reducing the lifetime of your appliances and increasing your bills.


Heat exchanger with hard water

Heat exchanger with softened water

Hot water cylinder with hard water

Hot water cylinder with softened water

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