Harvey Crown Water Softener


Harvey MiniMax Crown Twin-cylinder non-electric block salt water softener. Complete with a 5 year warranty.

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Harvey MiniMax Crown Twin cylinder non-electric block salt water softener.

Complete with a 5 year parts warranty (return to us)

Includes a free 15mm fitting kit!



These models are suitable for hardness areas between 50 and 600 PPM and will cater for 1-6 person households with ANY type of plumbing systems including 15mm or 22mm incoming mains.

Here is the full water softener specification;

 • height: 490 mm

 • depth: 460 mm

 • width: 206 mm

 • inlet: 3/4″ bsp male

 • outlet: 3/4″ bsp male 

 • overflow: 1/2″ hose connector

 • drain: 3/8″ outside diameter tubing

 • maximum operating water pressure: 6 bar

 • minimum operating water pressure: 1 bar (with water flowing)

 • maximum operating water temperature: 20°C

Add product gallery images • minimum operating water temperature: protect from freezing

 • salt storage: 2 x 4 kg blocks

 • maximum flow: 40 l/min

 • minimum flow : < 3 l/hour



Once purchased you will need to get your plumber to install it or if you are a confident DIYer then we can offer advice. We can also offer installation if you are local to us, just contact us for a quote. 

The softener does not include any salt so you will need to buy some immediately.