Harvey MiniMax Major Water Softener


Harvey’s large home water softener – higher flow rates, bigger softening capacity and large remote salt storage with tablet or block salt options.


Harvey MiniMax Major / HVX Twin-cylinder non-electric tablet or block salt water softener for large homes, large water use and high flow rates. Complete with a 10-year warranty and free shipping!

This is the larger 1″ Harvey water softener for large homes, large water use and high flow rates.

These models are suitable for hardness areas between 50 and 600 PPM and will cater for 1-15 person households with ANY type of plumbing systems including 15mm or 22mm or 28mm incoming mains.

Here is the full water softener spec:

  • height : Softener 500mm / salt cabinet 390mm
  • depth : Softener 440mm / salt cabinet 440mm
  • width : Softener 250mm / salt cabinet 250mm
  • inlet: 1″ bap male with 3/4″ BSP male
  • outlet : 1″ bap male with 3/4″ BSP male
  • overflow: 1/2″ hose spigot
  • drain: 1/2″ hose spigot
  • maximum operating water pressure: 6 bar
  • minimum operating water pressure: 1 bar (with water flowing)
  • maximum operating water temperature: 20°C
  • minimum operating water temperature: protect from freezing
  • salt storage: 20kg Tablet salt
  • maximum flow: 80 l/min
  • Maximum daily capacity @ 300ppm : 6444 liters

Once purchased you will need to get your plumber to install it or if you are a confident DIYer then we can offer advice.

The softener does NOT include a fitting kit, though we do sell these separately

The softener does not include any salt so you will need to buy some immediately.