Prosoft Softener Range

Prosoft high power and performance water softeners

Launching its range of innovative, high specification water treatment products, Pro-Soft begins a new era in the UK water softener market

Protect your investment with the Pro-Soft range of Xtra Efficient water softeners.

Keep your kitchens and bathrooms looking showroom new as the Pro-Soft range eliminates all limescale around your home.

As well as offering the ultimate in protection, our softeners give you the luxurious feeling of soft water, leaving your laundry, clothes and skin feeling super-soft.


The XE Pro-Brining Advantage over conventional softeners is up to…

  • 24% less water use
  • 56% saving on salt
  • 46% larger capacity


  • Number of occupants: 1—6
  • Capacity: 2,160 litres


  • Number of occupants: 1—9
  • Capacity: 2,880 litres


  • Number of occupants: 2—20
  • Capacity: 6,300 litres

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Here at Sandy’s Salt & Softeners we are happy to discuss water softening solutions with you, in fact, we are passionate about it!

We know that every home and every small business is unique, so we are on hand to use our vast experience to ensure that the products we offer you are the perfect products for your needs.

It is our pleasure to discuss anything from the simplest query to the more complex nature of the water softening process. We have the knowledge and we are pleased to share it.

So please do not hesitate to call or drop us an email at your leisure – we will make it a priority to sort all your water softening needs!

If you would like to book a home demonstration to see the fantastic range of softeners we have to offer you and the many benefits of softened water then please either fill in your details in the form, call us on (01243) 860808 or drop us an email and we will get in contact with you.

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