When we were first introduced to the benefits of soft water in the 1990s, we were easily converted. Soft water tasted better, it was saving us money and our kitchen appliances were lasting noticeably longer. Why hadn’t anyone told us about this before?

When you’ve got something good you can’t help but spread the word so my wife, Sandy and I started to advise our family and friends on the benefits of soft water and the products that were available. Then, about 12 years ago, we began to sell salt to local people. Back then, the business was very small – simply a van delivering salt at the weekends to local customers but this rapidly became a busy full-time business thanks to our growing knowledge and excellent customer service, which remains at the core of what we do.

Fast forward to February 2008 and we became a truly family business when our sons, Jack and Sam, decided to join us. This was excellent timing. Due to our continued expansion, word had spread of our quality service and exceptional product knowledge so we were undergoing considerable expansion. With the expansion, our range of water softeners increased as did the happy, local customer base.

In November 2014 we were so thrilled to move into new premises. Now based at the beautiful Littlehampton Marina, we have been able to create a showroom to display our full and extensive range of water softening products. More importantly, it is a place where we can meet with you, our valued customers, to discuss the many benefits of soft water in your home.

Come and visit, take a look around. We look forward to seeing you.

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John, Jack & Sam
John, Jack & Sam