Hague 410 Water Softener

Hague 410 Compact Domestic Water Softener

This is our most popular compact domestic water softener of class leading performance and packed with features.

From the computerized solid-state control to the exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build the Hague Maximizer 410.

  • Built-in, salt and water saving technology
  • Low profile design
  • Convenient easy-fill salt cabinet
  • Quality materials and components
  • Absolute brining
  • Multi-function controller – operates by demand mode or time forced regeneration
  • Patented capacity guard – Never run out of softened water
  • Low maintenance – just fill with salt as necessary
  • Patented packed bed mineral tank eliminates the need for a second tank
  • In addition to traditional tablet salt, block salt can also be used, and is much easier to handle than those heavy bags of conventional salt

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Hague 410 Water Softener


  • BLENDING BYPASS VALVE. The full 1 inch valve features 1 inch porting throughout to maximize the water flow
  • SYSTEM CONTROLLER.  Operates in three languages and retains cycle settings indefinitely, even through power outages. The time of day setting remains in memory for up to seven days without power.
  • WHOLE HOUSE, BUILT-IN, SELF CLEANING FILTER.  Filters dirt and sediment down to 20 microns – smaller than the human eye can see. Plus, there’s never any cartridges to change and no maintenance is required.
  • SAFETY SHUT-OFF SYSTEM. To help prevent the possibility of any overflows, Hague Maximizer 410 features a safety shutoff – just the kind of detail you would expect from Hague.
  • FINE MESH RESIN. The patented mineral tank with its screened distributor system allows us to pack more resin in the tank and backwash the unit with clean soft water, therefore eliminating the need for a second mineral tank.
  • GRID PLATE. The grid plate in the segregated brine tank compartment provides a clear well area to ensure consistent brine concentration
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  • Max Compensated Hardness–gpg (mg/L)  : 35 (600)
  • Media type and amounts: Chlorostat (2.0 lb), Filter Media.(1.5 lb), Fine Mesh Resin 0.4 cu. ft (11.3 L)
  • Salt usage (used per regeneration) / Capacity: 1 lb / 5,200 grains (0.5 kg / 365 grams)
  • Salt usage (used per regeneration) / Capacity: 2 lb / 8,300 grains (0.9 kg / 540 grams)
  • Salt usage (used per regeneration) / Capacity: 3 lb / 10,400 grains (1.4 kg / 670 grams)
  • Minimum / Maximum water and ambient temperature–oF (oC): 40-120 (4- 49)
  • Mineral tank size–in. (cm): 9 I.D. X 16 (22.9 I.D. X 40.6)
  • Flow Rate @ 15 psi (1.0 bar) drop – gpm (L/min): 6.0 (22.7)
  • Flow Rate @ 25 psi (1.7 bar) drop** – gpm (L/min): 8.7 (32.9)
  • Maximum flow rate to drain during regeneration (backwash)–gpm (L/min): 2.4 (9.1)
  • Water Pressure (min–max psi) (bar): 20–120 (1.4–8.3)
  • Minimum water flow required–gpm (L/min): 2.4 (9.1)
  • Controller type: 5 Button

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