De-Ironised Pure DI Water Filter 0PPM- Free TDS Meter- 4.5L 11L 15.5L 25L- MB115

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Our in-house built de-ironised pure water filters.

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Our in-house built de-ironised pure water filters.

By popular demand, our DI water filters are back and now come in even larger sizes, using the highest quality MB115 resin and come with a free TDS meter!

  • Includes a free TDS meter
  • Highest quality MB115 resin
  • Male Hozelock convectors for easy operation
  • Low-cost refills available
  • A range of sizes for your convenience
  • High-quality resin tank with stand
  • High flow rates
  • Large capacity

These are the perfect filter for car washing on a sunny or windy day when the water drys before you get a chance to dry it off leaving watermarks. With our 0ppm pure water filter, watermarks are a thing of the past. Simply rinse the car off with the pure water in the final stage of the wash then blow dry, air dry or towel dry for a mark-free finish.

Remember, capacity is large but limited so use sparingly and we recommend only on the finale rinse for maximum life.

This chart shows the capacity of each model using an average 350ppm TDS reading.


(Liters of resin)


(At 350ppm TDS)

Cost of refill

(Not including shipping)


306L £36







25L 1700L



Also our price for refilling the tank when the resin becomes depleted (vat included but not shipping)

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4.5L, 11L, 15.5L, 25L